L’Aquila Earthquake: Trial, Verdict and Response

On Monday morning, an Italian court shocked the scientific community by convicting six scientists and an official to six years in prison on charges of manslaughter. This post serves as a collection of articles written about the Trial, Verdict, and the responses to these events by the scientific community.

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The Truth About Hydraulic Fracturing

Hydraulic fracturing has been blamed for a number of health and environmental hazards. Recently, the decades-old technique used to enhance oil and natural gas recovery has been under fire for possibly resulting in groundwater contamination and even earthquakes. If you’re looking for an article which provides just the facts with none of the fear mongering or cover up nonsense, here’s a great place to start!

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And Now to Your Local Earthquake Forecast…

Earthquake “forecasting” may not only help to mitigate the catastrophic damages associated with earthquakes, but has the potential to save thousands of lives. For at least the last century scientists have struggled to develop an accurate prediction of earthquakes prior to their occurrence. Based on current research, we may be closer to accurate predictions than you think!

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