Brought to You by Geology #0.5

One of the perks of blogging on a free hosting platform is the blog statistics feature.  These statistics provide blog authors like me with great information about how viewers have reached my site including what other sites referred them to mine and from which country the viewer is visiting.  Perhaps the most useful (to me) of these features is the one showing what search engine terms have directed viewers to the site.  There are many basic search terms that seem to work – “engineering geology”, “geology adventures”, and “plate tectonics” to name a few – but a recurring theme seems to keep popping up: “How does geology affect my daily life?”

Some variation of this question has led viewers to my site ever since I wrote a short post about this topic a couple years ago.  That first post was based on a 5-minute micro presentation I gave when beginning my graduate student career and, as a result, was not overly informative.  Therefore, I’ve decided to start a new “regular” feature which will attempt to showcase geology in your life by introducing a  new topic each week (or two) and explaining how it was “brought to you by geology”.

Another reason for beginning  the Brought to You by Geology feature is because this is by far the greatest reason I began writing this blog in the first place!  It’s true, read the About page!  Looking over posts of late, I feel like I’ve fallen away from that goal and need to expand on this topic further.  This new feature will do just that, and I plan to roll out the first installment sometime in the next week.  So stay tuned!

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