“The Volcano Next Door” – A National Geographic Exclusive

In “The Volcano Next Door,” from the April issue of National Geographic magazine, writer Michael Finkel takes readers on a journey of 1800°F temperatures, killer gases, and fiery eruptions. The article follows scientists as they descend to the scorching lava lake of Nyiragongo, a two-mile-high volcano that has the potential to destroy the nearly one million people that live at its base near the eastern edge of the Democratic Republic on the Congo.

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Paint it Black: Oil in the Gulf

It’s been fifty-six days since an explosion shook the Deepwater Horizon oil rig operated by British Petroleum Plc. Current estimates show an additional 1.7 million gallons of oil are contaminating the Gulf of Mexico every day. With only minimal success in slowing the leak, we still do not have a definitive answer for the exact volume of oil that is creating an oil slick so large that it can be seen from space. In some ways, this could be considered the largest man-made feature ever created.

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