Falling Into the Past

A weekend hike opens a window into Ohio’s past.

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Great Land of Alaska

My trip to Alaska was spurred by my research. In just under a week after my arrival, I would be presenting the current status of my work at this year’s Association of Environmental & Engineering Geologists (AEG) National Meeting. By arriving several days before the conference even started, I not only gave myself more time to fret about refining my powerpoint and deciding on what I was going to say, but allowed myself time to get out and explore some – if only a fraction – of America’s largest state.

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Great Falls: Great Geology

Massive earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and rocks being forces together with so much pressure that they bend and fold. This place was at times home to some of the deepest reaches of the oceans and the highest mountain peaks in sky. Now, millions of people are unaware that they are living within 20 miles of what geologists may consider a front row seat.

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