101 American Geo-sites

Callan Bentley (Mountain Beltway) recently started a geo-meme based on the book “101 American Geo-Sites You’ve Gotta See”. Here’s my list!

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Great Land of Alaska

My trip to Alaska was spurred by my research. In just under a week after my arrival, I would be presenting the current status of my work at this year’s Association of Environmental & Engineering Geologists (AEG) National Meeting. By arriving several days before the conference even started, I not only gave myself more time to fret about refining my powerpoint and deciding on what I was going to say, but allowed myself time to get out and explore some – if only a fraction – of America’s largest state.

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The Solution to Climate Change

What is being done to reduce the rate at which glaciers are melting? This is a simple enough question, and one that many people have wondered in recent years. The answer, on the other hand, is not so simple. The question of preserving glaciers is a question of reducing – or stopping – climate change. And this question is a rather difficult one to answer, as there is not any guaranteed method to reduce the effects of climate change. In fact, it’s still not universally accepted that human-induced climate change exists, let alone is something that can be slowed, stopped, or reversed.

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