Help a Classroom in Need!

There is only one week left in the DonorsChoose Science Bloggers for Students Challenge and the two classroom geoscience projects I picked to help fund still need a combined $1,128 in order to purchase their much-needed classroom materials.  I wrote about this charity event at the beginning of the month when the challenge started, and explained some of the reasons funding hands-on classroom projects like these are important.

If you can donate even $1, do it! For a limited time, DonorsChoose is matching all donations up to $100!  This means if you donate any amount up to and including $100, you’ll actually be contributing twice that amount to the project!  Just enter the match code SCIENCE at checkout:

Visit my DonorsChoose Giving Page to view the two classroom projects that Ms. Mower and Mrs. White would like to provide for their students.  Every dollar counts, and you’re giving students the chance to experience science rather than just read about it.

Here are a couple comments by these teachers after people like you have donated:

“Thank you for your donation to our project. We are so glad that you are willing to be supportive of great science projects and learning enhancements. Your help will benefit us so much. Thanks again.” ~ Ms. Mower, Rose Creek Elementary School, Riverton, UT

“Thank you so much Nate! I love teaching science with hands on supplies and experiments. I wrap the background knowledge and vocabulary around the kits and simulatons and my students REMEMBER what they have learned. Thank you so much for your generosity!” ~ Mrs. White, Christine Sipherd Elementary School, Modesto, CA

Again, there is less than a week left to get these projects funded!

DONATE HERE, and remember to enter the match code SCIENCE for your contributions to be doubled!

Read my original post here, and find out a little more about why I’m asking you to help!

Thank you for helping to bring science to the classroom! If you’ve already donated, or just cannot donate at this time, you can still help by spreading the word to your friends and family who support hands-on classroom learning!  Thank you!

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