Be a Geoscientist

This website was brought to my attention last night.  The website, – short for “Be a Geoscientist” – is all about advocating geoscience professions.  It’s a great place for people, especially students, to learn about what career opportunities exist in the geosciences and some of the ways they actually apply to the real world…something that was always on the minds of the intro geology students I taught as a teaching assistant.

Students attending a REQUIRED course for their earth science degree. - Photo courtesy

In my opinion, this site should be referenced in every intro earth science course from grade school through college intro courses.  Of course, I am a little biased.  Still, BeaGeo is a simple site that really shows off the many faces of earth science and how we, as geoscientists, can make a difference while doing something we enjoy.

Here is the video that BeaGeo has on their home page.  If you ever again run across someone that asks “What the heck can you do with a degree in Geology!?“, you should send them here first.  The video (as with the website) not only explains what you can do as a geoscientist, but why you should become one!


p.s. – Way to go UT Austin Jackson School of Geosciences for putting this together!


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