The Social Geologist(s)

It’s hard to believe that Adventures in Geology is a project I started nearly two years ago as a way to share my experiences with family, friends and – hopefully – a few strays who happened across the site and liked what they saw. In an effort to “spread the word”, I began a facebook page for the site as a way of publicizing my posts to a wider audience and sharing some interesting news snippets which I didn’t necessarily write about here. This seemed to work pretty well, boosting site visits and growing my “fan” base into the hundreds – though I’m sure only a fraction of you actually visit regularly…thanks! I fully anticipated the site growing up to become a source of earth science education for the everyday folk who don’t understand why geology is important or how much it affects them on a daily basis. Maybe someday I’ll get there!

What I didn’t anticipate was what I found when I finally embraced Twitter (and later Google+) only a few months ago: a whole community of geobloggers, just like me! Well, not just like me (we’re all different in our own way), but an online collaboration of earth science professors, students, professionals, and enthusiasts with a whole range of interests and ideas. I didn’t even know the term “geoblogger” three months ago, let alone that I am one. Needless to say, this was a very exciting discovery.

To celebrate this find, I’ve finally gotten around to listing some of the geoblogs I read the most often over on the right. →

I’m sure I missed a few, so if you happen to be a fellow geoblogger and would like your site listed, too, just drop me a line and I’ll have it up within a couple days.

If you’d like to see an even larger selection of geoblogs, head on over to Ron Schott’s blog where he seems to have kept pretty good track of what appears to be every geoblog ever.

On a completely separate note, due to the addition of the Geobloggers section, I’ve moved things around on the site a little, but no major remodeling yet, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding any links, etc. (but let me know if you do). I’ve also realized that it’s been a while since I’ve published a Friday Photo post. I have one in the works for next week….hopefully.

Until then, take some time to explore the rest of this site and enjoy some of the other excellent earth science blogs out there!


2 responses to “The Social Geologist(s)

  1. Welcome aboard. I’m glad we found each other. If you know of any geoblogs I’ve missed don’t hesitate to bring them to my attention.

    It’s good to hear about your path to discovering the rest of us. Twitter is a great tool for discovery but I wonder how many others are out there geologizing on Facebook that I haven’t discovered yet. Any insights on how to better reach out to them?

    Meanwhile, I’m subscribed and I’m very much looking forward to further adventures!

    • Thanks Ron. Twitter and Google+ are certainly the way to go in terms of interacting. No great insights on reaching out to the geo-Facebookers. Given Facebook’s setup, it’s not so easy to track them down. Could try using the search tool to query pages/groups/people related to geology, earth science, etc. I’ve tried that myself, but many times you either end up with an organization that already has a Twitter account, or a random page that was started two years ago and left unattended. That’s not to say these people aren’t there, just not easy to single out. I’ll definitely keep an eye on it, and let you know if I come across anyone.

      Glad you found your way here!

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