New Feature

If you haven’t caught on already, a new feature made its debut on the site a couple weeks back: the Discussion page!  While there are already plenty of opportunities to leave comments on posts and even submit your ideas via the Contact Page, the Discussion Page will be more like an open forum for you to share your own ideas and opinions about any topic (geology-related, of course).  Additionally, you may respond to the comments of other users.

Using the discussion page is as easy as leaving a comment on a post.  Just click on the Discussions tab at the top of any page (above the title picture) and choose a topic of interest.  Not seeing anything you care to discuss?  That’s ok, too!  The page is still new and not many topics have been added yet.  Feel free to submit your ideas for new topics via the contact page and you’ll most likely see it added within a day or two.

For those of you wondering where the next real post is, I know you’ve been waiting and I can assure you that it is on its way and should be up within the next week.  If you’ve already subscribed to the RSS feed, you should know as soon as it’s posted!

Now get going and share your thoughts!


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