New Posts to Come

As you may have noticed, postings on the site have been somewhat sporadic lately.  If you have read the “About” page, you know that I am currently working towards a graduate degree.  In doing so, my time is frequently dominated by term papers, exams, teaching, and the ever-present thesis.  Unfortunately, this means school-work commonly takes precedence over writing posts for Adventures in Geology.  Do not worry!  I fully intend to continue posting as often as possible and, once this semester runs its course, will begin posting on a much more regular schedule.  Until then, I will make every effort to provide at least one post per week.

While you are waiting for the next post, take the time to explore the site.  Read through previous posts you may have missed by browsing the calendar, archives, and recent posts in the right sidebar.  In the left sidebar, you can search for posts related to certain categories or subjects and there’s always the search bars if you’re looking for something specific.

If you’d like to contact me with any questions, concerns, or suggestions for future posts, feel free to visit the “contact” page.  The links section in the left sidebar has several sites for companies and organizations I support and/or have written posts about and contain a lot of interesting and useful information about a number of geology-related subjects.  Although I can’t seem to get the graphics to work, you can now click on the “share” link at the top of the left sidebar to spread the word and share this website with over 200 networking sites including facebook, stumbleupon, digg, and more!

Finally, Adventures in Geology is now on facebook!  Become a friend and be notified of new posts on the website, see other interesting news that doesn’t appear on this site, and take part in discussions on related subjects!


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