Change of Plans

As of early this week, the trip to North Carolina to visit the site of the I-40 rockslide has been canceled.  The trip was planned as a university function and as such required the approval of the department chair.  Due to several factors, including previous commitments, the trip was not approved.  Unfortunately, this means I will not be heading south this afternoon and will not be posting further, more detailed information about the I-40 rockslide.  Attempts are being made to reschedule the trip with the Department of Transportation.  However, access to the site is currently limited to tomorrow.  I am hoping that given our previous connections with the DOT, we will be able to work something out in the future.

The good news is that another opportunity for field experience has arisen.  Though not as impressive on a national scale, we are in the beginning stages of planning a trip to Ashland, Ohio where a Kent State Alumnus will be working on a slope stability project.  I will be documenting the process from an engineering geologist’s standpoint.  The project will include many stability considerations including installation of rock bolts along the slope.  Further details will be given once the trip is scheduled.

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