The Inaugural Post

Hello and welcome to “Adventures in Geology”!  After studying the field of geology for over ten years and having worked as a geologist for over six, I have decided to devote a website to my many adventures including those of my amateur, professional, and scholarly experiences of past, present, and future.  While it is likely that my exploits alone will not always spark stunning comments and conversations, I also plan to throw in the occasional article or bring up geology-related topics of interest.

My main goal?  Hopefully to show “geology” as a profession in a new light by demonstrating how it applies to the everyday lives of those of you who know very little to nothing about it.  Simple things that we all take for granted such as our water supply or kitchen counter tops (or gasoline) are profoundly impacted by geology.  While my aim is not to “school you” on the subject, I hope to present it in a thought-provoking and interesting, if not entertaining way.  Additionally, being that this is my site, you will be privileged with a chronologically-confusing story of my adventures both locally and on the road (or, more accurately, off the road). I’d also like to let it be known that comments to any post are welcome and very much appreciated.

I’d like to end this post with a quote which I ran across while looking up material for the introductory-level geology course I teach at KSU.  It may be over 70 years old, but holds very true to the present day and I feel that it fits the theme of this site:

“Geology…enters into many relations of local and national importance. The information it supplies is basic to many great industries. It also enters into more intimate human affairs. Truly it may be said that the relation of human life to geology is as close as that of a fish to water. The earth on which we walk, the air we breathe, the water we drink, the daily events of our lives and even our higher endeavors and aspirations, are ordered or affected by geologic phenomena and principles. Though mystery, in the sense of things we can not explain, enters into geology as it does into life itself, its commoner aspects are so clear, so instructive and so enticing if once sensed, that they can hardly fail to appeal to the imagination and interest of any active mind. Let us each continue striving to extend the knowledge and appreciation of our science.” ~ George R. Mansfield, 1938


2 responses to “The Inaugural Post

  1. I am looking forward to being “schooled” on this rock stuff. I have listened to you for years talk passionately about geology and now this will give me an opportunity to learn why!

  2. Happy Inaugural Post!! We are really looking forward to your future posts and to hearing your stories and your thoughts about geology!

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